Prescott, AZ Mural Protest

Maybe you all have heard about the controversial mural in Prescott, AZ where artists were ordered to “lighten” the skin of the children in the mural. Not because of race, because of shading issues… heres a great article by my friend and teacher..
Well today at 10am was the protest against changing the mural and for diversity. I hastily made my sign at 9:45am and drove down there. I’d love to tell you all what it said but it was so fucking clever I’ll probably be on television tonight. I arrived to diesel truck flooring it and blowing black smoke in protesters faces. But once across the street was the most positive feeling protest I’ve ever been at. So many people I have worked with in varying capacities were all there in one place meeting each other… celebrating life and art. After an hour her were speeches… R the director of the mural project was amazing. It truly is his time to shine. After R the super intendant of yavapai county announced that the mural would not be changed. It will be completed as originally planned without lightening the childrens faces. I thought the super put its perfectly when he said something about how pleased he will be that when he drives by this intersection he will look at the mural and know that the boy is Mario.  I am so inspired by the fact the Public Art can engage our community to start dialogue about such a hard and necessary topic. ART IS AMAZING!
here are some pictures I took of the event


~ by yote on June 5, 2010.

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  1. Word! thats whats up

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