Vandalog Post

Just wanted to say thanks to RJ and the Vandalog crew for posting some of my recent work in D.C.  I always really enjoy hearing his thoughts.  I never thought of comparing the “corn” image  to a character based tag, but I think a lot of my works meaning changes depending on the environment its placed in.  The image is a much more powerful symbol on The Navajo Nation because of their traditions and cultural connection to corn.  In D.C. I have no idea peoples personal connection to corn.  It is in almost everything we eat, and even in gas we use to fill up our cars.  For some it may be a reminder of summer, or others corn dogs.  Who knows. But hopefully by seeing the image, repetitiously even,  the viewer will grow to have deeper understanding of themselves and their personal connection to the symbol.  I look forward to continuing to play with the power of context in 2010.


~ by yote on January 4, 2010.

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